Instructions for writers

We only accept texts in electronic form (preferred format: .doc or .rtf, admissible: .odt) as file attached to the e-mail adressed: [email protected] or [email protected]

"Przegląd Tomistyczny" publishes articles never published before. Papers submitted for consideration must be at the highest level. Publication of reprints and translations, explicitely mentionned by the author, depends on decision of the Editorial Board.

Each text is read by at least one reviewer (see list of reviewers in the bookmark Editors). Each article is submitted to procedures designed to eliminate plagiarisms and auto-plagiarisms. We also plan to introduce procedures to avoid the so-called “guest authorship” and “ghostwriting”.

The structure of the text can be separated by means of subtitles, or marked with numerals or consecutive letters of the alphabet. Emphesised words or phrases should be underlined.

Common foreign expressions, maxims, or sayings we put in italics. Foreign quotations in footnotes we put in “quotes”.

For articles in Polish language a brief summary in English, French, German or Italian is needed. For articles in other languages is needed a summary in Polish.

Texts in English: The University of Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition) is our authority in matters of style

Für deutsche Texte gelten die gleichen Regeln wie für englische.

Textes en français : nos indications aux auteurs pour la présentation des tapuscrits sont similaires aux celles de la rédaction de la Revue thomiste